Medical Care in Cambridge Springs

The following article was written by Cheryl, a woman in the State Correctional Institution Cambridge Springs, who describes the medical neglect in the prison: 

How Long

How long before the D.O.C. realizes that the medical care provides us inside these prison walls are actually doing us more harm than good.  Truthfully speaking, the poor medical care is the main reason for the high amounts of inmates deaths in the PA Prison System.  Thanks to the so called Prison Health Services System(PHS) whom instead of providing adequate medical care to inmates, they are providing the worst care possible. 

How Long                                                       

Should we have to pay the D.O.C. their ridiculous $5.00 Co-Pay for each Sick-Call visit for the same medical problem before we are actually treated for it?  Should we still be charged the $5.00 Co-Pay when we're told that the medical department can not or will not do anything for us.

How Long

Will we be told that there's nothing wrong with us, that in fact, WE don't know our own bodies, before this MONEY HUNGRY, HUMILIATING, DEHUMZNIZING SYSTEM (PHS) in which the D.O.C. calls it's medical Provider realizes there is something seriously wrong with their way of treatment.

How Much Longer

Will inmates have to DIE before the system hired by the D.O.C. to provide adequate medical care, make changes in the way they treat us inmates throughout the PA Prison Systrem.

Someone Tell Us How Long

We asked the D.O.C. because we need answers now.  I am one of the many inmates you have housed in your extremely over-crowded prison's where the medical care and treatment is far from adequate.  I've personally suffered for over 10years. with Chronic Pain from Disc Problems in my lower back , at the time I am actually crippled and in need of a wheelchair which I am denied use of by this so-called medical system.  At times I am denied even something to take the pain away being told that  I can purchase Ibuprofen their cure for everything from our Commissary, or i am told to continue to wald through the pain by the medical doctors here who tells me that the best treatment.  Well, that's easier said than done when you're not the one having to walk with such pain that if feels like you are walking with a knife in your lower back with sharp pain radiating down into your hips and both legs.

 How  Long

Before the D.O.C. will realize that the system they hires to provide adequate medical care for us are actually here to save them money at the expense of the many lives they are suppose to provide care to. 

Someone Please Tell Us How Long

should any human being whether doing a short bit or who are 23 yrs into a life sentence like myself, have to wait until we recieve the type of medical care our families are told we're getting.  I need to know as well as other's like me also need to know, how long should we have to wait for someone at the top of the D.O.C. Administrative ladder to see that we are becoming deafly ill, crippled, blinded, lamed and even dying because of the seriously poor midical care provided throughout the prisons by the Prison Health Services System.

                                                                        How Long

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