Allegheny County Jail Health Justice Project

After numerous stories of inadequate healthcare from people held in Allegheny County Jail, as well as reports from the nursing and medical staff employed there who were unable to treat and care for inmates due to low staffing and insufficient supplies, the Human Rights Coalition, Abolitionist Law Center, PA Institutional Law Project, United Steelworkers, We Change Pittsburgh, and other groups in the Pittsburgh area launched the Allegheny County Jail Health Justice Project on February 5th, 2015.

Mission Statement:

The Allegheny County Jail Health Justice Project seeks to ensure that members of our community incarcerated at Allegheny County Jail receive comprehensive health care. Prisons and jails across the country have become warehouses for the most vulnerable members of our community and they are woefully unprepared. Inmates at ACJ in particular are suffering dire health consequences due to unconstitutionally inadequate care caused by Corizon Health's poor management and cost cutting measures, including insufficient medical supplies and understaffing. This is a human rights crisis that affects every aspect of our community. This campaign will pressure the County to provide all inmates in the jail with timely and  comprehensive health care through advocacy, community outreach, investigation and potential litigation.

Upcoming Events:

Join us Thursday, February 5th for a vigil for Frank Smart, who lost his life in Allegheny County Jail exactly one month ago after not being provided with his prescribed anti-seizure medication.  More information is available in the announcement of the vigil.

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