Rally targets PA prison construction, budget

National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners comes to Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh: Opponents of Governor Corbett’s controversial prison expansion plans will hold a rally on February 20 at 1 p.m. outside the Pittsburgh offices of Astorino (227 Fort Pitt Boulevard). Astorino is one architecture firm that has been awarded a multimillion dollar contract to design the new prison planned for construction in Montgomery county. Organized by Decarcerate PA, the rally will include testimony from formerly incarcerated people as well as a speak-out against this unconscionable waste of public money on policies of mass incarceration that are a proven failure.
“Why the governor would want to grow our costly and inhumane prison system defies both reason and conscience,” said person of Decarcerate PA. “Instead of paying for our children’s education, he is giving millions of dollars to Astorino to lock our children up.”
Pennsylvania is currently spending $685 million dollars to build three new prisons and expand nine others in Pennsylvania. These prison expansions continue despite the governor’s claim of fiscal austerity. Corbett’s contentious 2012 budget proposal cuts more than $264 million from higher education along with other proposed cuts to mental health services, medical assistance, and the Philadelphia School District.
Meanwhile, the Department of Corrections $1.8 billion budget remained untouched following last year’s 11% spending increase.
Decarcerate PA organized the rally. It is part of a “National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners” that was initiated by Occupy Oakland and has been endorsed by Occupy groups around the country. There are rallies in a dozen cities nationwide on Monday. The Pittsburgh chapter of Decarcerate PA will be holding a rally outside the offices of Astorino, the architecture firm designing the two new prisons slated to be built in Montgomery County.
“The prison system is the clearest example of American inequality,” said so-and-so. “We stand with prisoners and all those seeking a positive alternative to the cruelties of rule by the 1%.”

Astorino is a Pittsburgh-based architecture firm.


  1. New Voices Pittsburgh, Northside Fairhousing Coalition, Formally Convicted Citizens Project,Campaign for Meaningful Commutation, Occupy People of Color Caucus and HRC were Representing! We tried to go in and meet talk to someone but the door was locked. So we left a message. Then people on the inside said their principles weren't there so they couldn't talk to us or accept our information.

    1. Decarcerate Pittsburgh has New Blog.

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