Abolish Solitary Confinement: Allies Roundtable Discussion

The Human Rights Coalition is working across the state, in the prisons and out, to call attention to conditions and consequences of the current practices of solitary confinement in Pennsylvania Prisons and the need to abolish it.  Please join us for a workshop/presentation/discussion on solitary confinement and help us envision the next steps for our campaign and ways to continue building a movement for the rights and lives of people in prison and their family members.

Abolish Solitary Confinement in PA
Discussion and Strategy Session
December 15th, 2012
Homewood YMCA
7140 Bennett St Pittsburgh PA  15208
We have about an hour of information sharing planned and an hour of discussion where we will encourage people to share their experiences with the system and also their tools for organizing people to create change.  Topics we will share information on include the history and practice of solitary confinement, warehousing people with mental health needs and the mental health effects of isolation, systemic and personal accounts of racism, and repression of political prisoners and dissent. 
For more information about our campaign against solitary and what we have been doing so far, visit www.hrcoalition.org.  To view or sign onto the 3 point platform to abolish solitary confinement, visit here. For questions about the upcoming event please call, 412-945-0664.  If you need childcare at the event, we will try to help.  Please call ahead.

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