Action Alert: SCI Smithfield delivering solitary confinement instead of medical care!

Call now to protest SCI Smithfield's use of solitary confinement against prisoners!
Mark McClary is a prisoner at SCI Smithfield, where staff are throwing him in solitary confinement rather than issue him clearance for a medical condition. In his mother's words:
My son Mark suffers from depression and has always had a sleep disorder. The doctor at SCI Smithfield has diagnosed him for both of these conditions and has prescribed an antidepressant and a sleep aid for 100 milligrams each. However, some mornings he may oversleep due to the meds and he gets written up and thrown in the RHU (Restricted Housing Unit, one of PA's versions of solitary confinement). Medical is supposed to give him clearance and keep a card on his door stating that this inmate may need assistance waking up for count, and that staff should simply knock and wake him up. Prison staff are refusing to give him the clearance even though medical is aware and treating him for these disorders.
Why? He is also harassed by three officers for no reason. They totally abuse their authority by refusing him yard time, food, and a shower. No matter how they may personally feel about Mark, he is entitled to these things and no one should have the right to take them away. They make up lies to cover up their wrongdoing. He files grievances and talks to whoever he can, but nothing gets done and nothing changes. He only has these issues on this block with these three officers. He simply wants to be moved away from these guards but he continues to be placed right back with them. They are setting him up to be terrorized by these guards. While they watch over the inmates who is watching the guards? He reached out to me because his frustration is growing and he has done all he can on his end. Any help I can get for him is greatly appreciated. Despite my calls I am getting nowhere. Please call now!.
Thank you. A very frustrated and worried mother-
HRC receives dozens, even hundreds of reports similar to this every year. Call now- by helping out in this situation you're letting PA prison officials and legislators know that we won't take it any more!
SCI SMITHFIELD- Superintendent Kevin Kauffman (814) 643-6520
DOC Central Office- Secretary John Wetzel (717) 728-4109
Let your state senator and representative know! (find your PA legislators here…/findyourlegislator/index.cfm…)
Talking Points
-State that you are calling about Mark McClary ‪#‎HK‬-1530, who is being held at SCI Smithfield
-Inform them that you are aware that prison staff are attempting to use solitary confinement to resolve a medical situation, rather than take the very easy step of issuing a medical clearance to a prisoner who needs it.
-Emphasize that solitary confinement is a form of torture, that it can cause lasting mental damage after only a few days, that it is coming under increasing scrutiny both nationally and internationally, and its continued use by SCI Smithfield staff is absolutely unconscionable and must be stopped immediately
-Insist that Mark be issued medical clearance for his meds and that he be moved away from officers Klein, Douglas, and Ward
-Inform them that you have already contacted or will be contacting your state legislators (find your PA legislators here…/findyourlegislator/index.cfm…)


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